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SRI5000 Developments, in conjunction with TRACE Design and Build has a combined of over 15 year of experience in building regal homes in Singapore.

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Modern, Clean


We decided that simply going with something too contemporary will not suit the likes of a newly minted or existing generation family. The design was concepted to be something which is updated, and yet still would be able to leave an impact in the neighbourhood.

For the facade, colors and the materials used has to leave clean lines. The house was shaped so that the inside spaces has close to one hundred percent efficiency.

Something very modern and clean. Something that creates a lasting impression in Sembawang Straits.

Multi Generation Family Home

The whole space planning was concepted to suit a family of 4 or more when the family outgrows to another extended one. The following features were carefully crafted,

Sense of space for Living and Dining Area

Whether is it from the balcony door or the main entrance, you will be able to feel the generous living and dining area where you can host friends and your own family comfortably.

Comfort and Healthy Living

The house plans has been vetted and fengshui approved to promote family cohesiveness and prosperity.  With a mineral lap pool which is ideal for healthy swimming and an in-house elevator, you are assured an ideal, happy lifestyle.

SRI5000 Individual

The master bedroom is generous in space for now. You rarely get such footage in the current designed homes. A twist has been added in case you need an extra room, something which we call SRI5000 Individual that allows you to fix up a room should your family requires additional rooms. Unique 

Natural Light Planning

Every corner of the house is carefully planned as we want as much cheerful natural light to enter the house. None of the spaces are spared in this aspect; each stairway corner is properly studied to make sure the place luminates well.

Emphasis on finishing selections

With so much love given to the planning of the house, we are not giving this department any room. Quality marble and timber were all handpicked, piece by piece matched from the factory.

Bosch kitchen appliances, Grohe sanitary fittings, Mitsubishi inverter aircons were installed to ensure the house is durable and efficient on energy.


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Situated right next to Sembawang Park, your daily activities could now include a stroll by the park with your loved ones. It’s barely a stone throw away.

If you have a habit of staring into nice sealine too, the sea is just 10 minutes walk from where 2A Andrews Avenue is.

2A Andrews


To have the exact specifications for 2A Andrews Avenue, please contact us so we could give you a detailed on site presentation.

Floor Plans

Floor Plan of 2A Andrews Avenue

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How SRI5000 Individual will help you change the function play in your house.

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Feel free to contact us for a detailed and exclusive presentation of 2A Andrews Avenue.

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